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Gold Collection

Black Mother-of-Pearl
Men's Pearl Jewelry
One of a Kinds
Pearl Bracelets
Pearl Earrings with Gems
Pearl Ensembles with Gems
Pearl Goddesses
Pearl Necklaces with Gems
Pearl Pins & Enhancers
Pearl Rings

Silver Collection

Necklace Strands
One of a Kinds
Bracelet and Earrings set - Round
SS-BR55 - Sterling silver & Round Shaped Gambling Chip 2 strand Bracelet with pearls. Gemstone Strands available in any color any shape: $300 retail

SS-589CC - Sterling Silver and round antique Chinese Gambling Earrings delicately enhanced with freshwater pearls and post backs: $350 retail

Black Onyx or Pearl Bracelet Strands: $280 retail
Bracelet and Earrings set - Round
Gambling Chip Ensemble
Half Moon Set
Intricately woven silver lace set
Loose Antique Chinese Gambling Chips
Round Pendant and earrings set
Shield shaped ensemble
Shield shaped jewelry set

We are glad to present you our collection of Black Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry,  Black Pearl Cameos, Men's Pearl Jewelry,  One of a Kinds,  Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Earrings,  Pearl Ensembles,  Pearl Goddesses, Pearl Necklaces,  Pearl Pins & Enhancers, and Pearl Rings. Each pearl is picked and strung on wires which are skillfully burned down one by one creating that signature Donna Chambers look. Each piece is stamped with the Donna Chambers DC logo, stamped 14K and shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity which tells the history of the antique Chinese gambling chip and guarantees its authenticity.

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